Custom Made Buildings, Wide Pine Flooring, & Bookshelf Lumber

Tamworth Lumber Company specializes in custom made buildings (sheds, barns, & cabins), wide pine flooring (10” – 18” wide), and bookshelf lumber.

Ever thought about building a shed, barn, or cabin? Tamworth Lumber can help you get the job done. The 12’x24’ summer cabin shown in the photo is one that we built for World Fellowship in Albany, New Hampshire. We also build firewood drying sheds, barns, porches and storage sheds in a variety of styles. You can see what we’ve done by looking at the photo gallery on the custom buildings page, If you’d like to save money by doing the carpentry yourself, we’ll give you a quote for the lumber you need and also give you a free copy of the plans that we use.


Tamworth Lumber sells kiln-dried, fully planed pine flooring in widths that are usually only found in New England homes built during the 1800’s. We stock high grade wide pine boards (1”x14”, 1”x16”, and 1”x18”) as well as finished pine in narrower widths. Builders use our wide pine when remodeling existing homes (especially historic ones) and when doing new construction. You can see how this flooring looks in our photo gallery on the wide pine flooring page.