About Us


Jim Alt started Tamworth Lumber Company in 2003 to produce pine lumber from his family’s woodlot.  Today Tamworth Lumber produces wide pine flooring and builds small outbuildings, from woodsheds to cabins.


Over 60 years ago, Jim’s father Dick Alt put his land under conservation easement to ensure that the woods would stay woods and the fields would stay fields, while allowing him and his family to continue to sustainably harvest wood and hay.  At the same time, he carefully managed the timber stand, trimming selected pines so that the wood would have fewer knots, which makes for beautiful, high quality lumber and flooring.



Jim continues the tradition his father began of combining stewardship with a working forest.  An experienced local forester manages the land under a plan for sustainable wood harvest, filling the yard with logs every spring.  At the same time, Jim and his siblings maintain paths through the woods and along the stream, which are busy with locals year round, skiing, snowshoeing, walking and riding horses.

Jim Alt has over 30 years of experiences as a builder and contractor.  In addition to numerous projects completed in New Hampshire and in Maine, where he lived for two decades, he designed and built the house he lives in today with his wife (pictured here), and the building that houses Tamworth Lumber.

Don making sure each piece of the frame is an exact fit.


Don Judge, an experienced local carpenter, works with Jim on larger building projects.  Don worked as a carpenter in the Navy and has a property management business in Tamworth.