Custom Made Buildings

For the past ten years Jim and the crew at Tamworth Lumber Company have been designing and building sheds, barns, and cabins for local homeowners. Each building we construct is custom made. We sit down with our customers, show them some of our past designs, and help them figure out what suits them best. Our designs are built to stand up to New Hampshire snow loads. We typically use 6”x6” posts, 6”x6” beams, 4”x4” braces, 2”x6” rafters, and 1” thick roofboards.

Some of our customers want us to do the entire building job from start to finish and we’re happy to do so. Others want to do most of the work themselves so as to keep the cost down. For all these owner-builders we offer something very special — free design consultation and plans.

We offer custom made buildings in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on what you the customer want. Steve and Mary chose to have us build them a 10’x16 firewood storage building with a shed roof. Chris and Barb decided upon a saltbox roof for their 10’x16’ firewood shed so as to match the style of the existing barn. Andy and Andrea’s 12’x 24’ cabin at World Fellowship in Albany has both a small sleeping loft and an 8’x 12’ screened porch.


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