Wide Pine Flooring

Tamworth Lumber Company specializes in producing high-quality wide pine flooring using large diameter, sustainably harvested logs. We produce the kind of authentic wide pine flooring usually found only in New England homes built before 1900. We carry finished lumber in all sizes but we specialize in “old style” pine floorboards – 1”x 14”, 1”x16”, and 1”x18”. Some of our flooring customers use our wide pine when renovating an older home. Others use our flooring in their new home simply because they like the distinctive look of authentic wide pine floorboards.

We’ve been selling our wide pine flooring for over ten years and many contractors and restorers who bought flooring once have come back for more. One critical step in producing pine floorboards is adequate drying. We have our own wood-fired 2000 board foot lumber kiln that dries our boards to 6% moisture content.

Wide pine flooring in a newly built home in Tamworth. 

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